Razer Synapse Not Opening

Fix: Razer Synapse Not Opening on Windows 10, 7 (2023)

No doubt, the hardware company of the razer produced a lot of software for computer users. A lot of people are enjoying the facility of a well-known company in the past year. It is not a big issue if any software creates problems like the Razer Synapse, not opening. You must know that the Razer Company is one of the best options for us to catch the setting from massive data.

I am here to solve the issue of the Razer synapse issue. You will find some easiness in installing and troubleshooting the software. A lot of times, the razer synapse failed to start. Do not skip any step or line for getting real and accurate information; otherwise, you will miss some points.

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Method to Fix Razer Synapse Not Opening

How to fix razor synapse? Do not do any step before restarting the computer for better results. It is essential for doing troubleshooting and other actions. Moreover, it helped you to spoil the wicked and corrupt data, which caused affect the entire process of the issue.

Why does the razer synapse not open? I analyzed that there are infinite numbers that can affect the process of razor synapse. But, I hope that all the headaches will remove after doing the following steps.

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How to re-install razor synapse

If faced with the problem due to the reason of bad sectors in the software, then you have to uninstall the razer synapse and then again re-install it for better results. Most of the time, the razer synapse does not open. Do not worry; follow the following steps.

Here is the complete method to re-install the software.

  • Start the process with the opening of Run Box. You have to press the window and R at the same time. After that, write “appwiz.cpl” and press enter to open it. There will be a new window which will install your required programs.
  • Pick the file of razor synapse and core and do right-click to see the option of uninstalling. Click on uninstall for the next process.
  • To open the window explorer, you have to press the window key and the E; internet explorer will automatically open. Check the file of a razor in disk drive C.
  • Open the View tab by clicking on it and see the items of Hidden.
  • You have to erase all the files in the folder. After clearing this process, click on Yes.
  • Open internet explorer once again by pressing the Window and E and E by pressing at the same time to find all the directories. These will be in the disk C, delete it.
  • Restart the PC or computer once again for further process.
  • Click on the window and R and write “devmgmt.msc” once again.
  • Spread the category of Razer device by press the right click. Uninstall the device.
  • You have to do the same for the devices for Razers.
  • Get the option of unplugging and then stat to reboot the process.
  • You make sure that all the farewell anti-virus applications do not open.
  • Using the framework of NET, install the latest version of Microsoft from the regional site of software.
  • Reboot the computer once again.
  • Now start to download the software of Razer Synapse by using the official site of it.

How to disable razer surround?

Here is the comprehensive information to disable the razer surround.

  • Initially, press the button of the window and R to open the application of Run. Write the same “appwize.cpl” as above in the opening box and press the button of entering.
  • A new window will automatically open.
  • By doing the necessary action, uninstall the application.
  • Now press the key of window + E at the same time to open the internet explorer. Go to the file of x86 Razer in the disk C.
  • You have to erase all the files by clicking on the option of delete and then confirm at the spot.
  • Restart the computer or laptop within no time.
  • Download the required software of Razer Synapse from the official site of it. After downloading, save it where you want.
  • You have installed the software and log on after putting the required information about you.
  • When you see that all the features are updated, then cancel all the showing pops.
  • Wait for a complete installation, and there will be two notification on the screen like the razer surround and synapse update.
  • Ignore all the others and click on the “razor surround” very fast. Do not press any other key or options on the screen.
  • After updating the software, you have to click on the synapse update in the notification.
  • Restart the system or laptop at the spot.

Razer synapse will not open if you forget any step from all the above detail. I reviewed that most of the users loosed their focus from the computer screen and faced problems many times.

Installation of latest Window

We hope that you will find your goal after getting all the information that is manipulated very wisely in the above. If you failed, then you must have to install the latest version of the window for better installation of the synapse. Razer synapse won’t open if you were unable to update the newest version of the window. 

It is quite simple to install by following the steps.

  1. Write the window update in the run box and find the result there.
  2. After opening the programs, update the setting by clicking the button of update and press the check update very soon.
  3. Restart the computer after updating all the programs of the window.

If you followed all the above steps, then the problem of the razer synapse, not opening, will resolve automatically. You must be careful while doing this task because if you missed any steps and then the result can change at any time. Moreover, you must know that whether your system has a virus or not. 

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