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Unlimitedreviews always take their reader’s privacy very seriously. In this privacy policy page, we explain how we collect the personal information of our users, how we use it and how we disclose your personal information when you use our website

So read the complete page of the privacy policy to use our services you have to accept the terms and condition including the privacy policy.

What information about the user we collect

  • First, we collect the identifiers including the name and email address and this thing we collect at a time when you sign up and receive a newsletter from or you want to contact us because of any reason. Basically you don’t need to provide us this information at the time of using our services like reading the reviews of the product but you have to provide this information when you need a newsletter
  • We always collect your device and internet information when you use our website to read the different reviews. Basically in this information, we collect the internet service providers, your IP address, click-activity, your browser types and exit pages.
  • We also collect location information like city and state with the help of your IP address
  • When you click on our given link to go to the Amazon website or you use the third parties by clicking our link we may collect some information.

Cookies and other Technologies collects the information about your device and the internet with the help of using cookies. Basically cookies are the text file with the identifying strings of characters.

With the help of cookies, we store information about different things including visitor preferences, specific information of the user about the user access of the website. Other than these, cookies customize the web content based on the user browser type.

You have the opportunity to disable the cookies on your browser and cookies are not set without your permission. But the drawback of disabling the cookies is that it limits the services and features that are available to you.

How we use your information?

  • We use the information that we collect from you in different ways, all are given below.
  • We use your information to maintain, improve and provide our services
  • When we want to communicate with you about our services we use your information like provide you the customer support or respond to your questions
  • We use your information to secure our services and users like by detecting and preventing fraud, security risks, and malware.
  • To improve your experience for our services with the help of advertising or provide you the complete information about our services and different offers.
  • Sometimes we use the user information to defend our legal rights where it is necessary to protect our services, users, and others.

How we share your information

The information that we collect from you may be shared with the third parties because of the business purpose and many other reasons all are given below.

  • We may share information with our service providers
  • Our affiliates: We may share your information to provide you with the services, deliver you the different products, to enhance the user experience and also our services and products.
  • Third-party merchants: When you click on our given link to make a purchase then your device and internet information will be shared to the third parties to tell them that you come from our website.
  • Online advertisers or third-party ads networks: We may share your information with the different third-party advertising companies; basically we share information because of allowing them to deliver the advertisement.
  • Third parties but only for legal purposes: We may use your information to maintain our services and also use when it is necessary for the legal process including the safety of ourselves, protection of rights, the safety of our users and third parties.

Online Analytics

For our services, we may use the online Analytics including Google Analytics or the other third-party same service providers.

Basically, these types of services use the cookies and other technologies to provide the opportunity of analyzing the different things like how users use our services and also including the platform from where users come.

By the cookies and other technologies, your IP address can be collected. We also use Google Analytics for different purposes including related to advertising.

If you want to prevent Google Analytics from collecting and using your information then you can install the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser, in this way your information doesn’t use by the Google Analytics.

Links of other sites may contain different sites links and these sites are our business partner. But the main thing is that those sites contain their own privacy and policy or maybe it is possible those sites don’t contain any privacy and policy.

Unlimitedreviews is not responsible for the privacy policy of those sites who don’t agree with our privacy and policy.

Protection of your personal information

To protect the personal information of other users is our first priority. We apply the different technical and security measures to secure and protect the all sensitive information that we collect from you.

But the main thing is that any method of storage or electronic information is not the 100% secure but you don’t worry we try our best to provide the complete security to your personal information.

Other than this we take different steps to secure all the information, we cannot guarantee the information that we collect from you will never disclose but we tried our best so don’t worry about your personal information.

Policy changes

Always remember that it’s our right to change the policy time to time and we insist you visit the privacy policy page regularly to view the new changes and also to make sure that you know very well about our privacy policy.

Contact Us

You can contact us with the email or by clicking the contact us page in the case of any question related to our services.