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How To Turn On Wi-Fi On HP Laptop with 6 Method [Step by Step Guide]

I had to resolve the question of how to turn on Wi-Fi on HP laptop when a friend asked me to set up a network on my HP laptop.

It turned out that there are a lot of nuances that I had to deal with when setting up Wi-Fi. However, all issues have been resolved. I’ll talk about this in the instructions below.

How to turn on Wi-Fi on HP Laptop?

You should first check if Wi-Fi is compatible with your HP Laptop. All laptops are now equipped with a Wi-Fi adapter, including HP products.

You can play it safe: go to the brand website and search for your model in the search. There must be specific parameters, including support for the wireless network.

However, the adapter may simply be faulty, and then any action will still not result in a result. Before connecting Wi-Fi to an HP laptop running Windows 7 or 10, check the following:

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  • In the “Start” search field, type “Device Manager” and go there.
  • In the window look for “Network Adapters“. If you have a wireless network adapter, then everything is in order.
  • If not, try installing the drivers. Read about this below.[/wpsm_titlebox]

Now let’s move on to how to turn on Wi-Fi on HP laptop. Like other PCs, you should use all methods, from the simplest, until the problem is resolved.

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Method 1: Taskbar Icon

The easiest way to enable Wi-Fi on your HP Pavilion G6 laptop running Windows 7, 8, and 10 is the system tray icon.

In the corner, click on the wireless icon in a small window, select the desired network, and then use the username and password. For “tens“, you may need to change the icon at the bottom to the “on” state. You are now connected to Wi-Fi.

Method 2: Keyboard Keys

The answer to the question of how to turn on Wi-Fi on HP laptop is on the keyboard. Most laptops have a special Fn function button, and HP laptops are no exception.

In combination with the F keys, this button allows you to change various PC functions. In my case, it was necessary to press Fn + F12, but other models may have a different combination.

I note that pairing with Fn completely turns off the adapter, so it will be impossible to connect to Wi-Fi in other ways on an HP laptop.

In some cases, the laptop may have a separate button to connect Wi-Fi. Be sure to check its availability. This switch can be located on the ends of the laptop or near the keyboard.

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Method 4: Connection Manager

On laptops, Hewlett Packard installed a special utility: the connection manager. With its help, you can easily enable and disable popular features.

However, if you don’t know, the missing Wi-Fi can be confusing. The problem may be related to this program.

In the start, menu search, find “HP Connection Manager” and run the program. You can able to turn on Wi-Fi on HP laptop and other systems.

Method 5: Windows Control Panel

The control panel contains all the necessary settings to enable Wi-Fi on your PC. But instead of navigating through many tabs, I prefer to use the start search.

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  • Open the start search and type the network connection, go to them.
  • Right-click on the wireless icon.
  • If the “Activate” inscription is available, click it.[/wpsm_titlebox]

The other answer to the question of how to turn on Wi-Fi on HP laptop Windows 10 is through Networks and Shares.

In the same way, as in the previous case, find this item through the search, and then in the window click on “Troubleshooting“. Windows will attempt to troubleshoot and restore Wi-Fi.

Method 6: through the BIOS

Turning on Wi-Fi on an HP laptop may require changing the BIOS settings. To open the BIOS on HP computers, when you turn on, press the key provided for this.

These can be various F or Esc buttons. You can find more information on the brand website.

In the BIOS setup, check the OnBoard Wireless LAN or Realtek Wireless LAN settings so that they are in the enabled state. This will enable BIOS on your HP Wi-Fi laptop.

Hewlett Packard also has the ability to customize the Fn function buttons. It was with this problem that I found myself trying to make Wi-Fi work. The fact is that in the BIOS you can determine if the function buttons work together with Fn or without having to hold down this key.

If you don’t know this feature, you can try to activate Wi-Fi with the keyboard buttons for a long time and without success.

When I discovered all the nuances, it was not difficult to turn on Wi-Fi on HP Laptop. These steps are appropriate for all HP notebook models. However, if the connection still fails, you may need to reinstall the driver.

Why doesn’t Wi-Fi Connect? Ways to solve

I did all the above steps to solve the problem of why Wi-Fi is not working on HP laptop. These elements cut off possible computer problems step-by-step, except two: a faulty controller or a faulty module.

To update the driver, go to the Hewlett Packard official website. There you can find your laptop model and download the latest drivers. This method helps by reinstalling the operating system or crashing in the software.

If the method doesn’t work, then the adapter is probably faulty. I want you to solve your problem up to this point, and have the network appear on your laptop sooner. With simple steps, you can fully use your HP.

The question of how to turn on Wi-Fi on HP laptop is solved by simple steps: check the tray icon, adapter, BIOS settings, and drivers. It won’t be difficult to start a wireless network on your PC.

Checking the capabilities of the Laptop

Before deciding how to turn on WI-FI on HP laptop, it is recommended to make sure that your computer supports this technology. To do this, do the following:

  • Go to HP’s official website and find your PC model by serial number.

If this does not help, do not immediately restart the router. You must first remove the internet cable from the device and connect it directly to the laptop.

If you have access to the network, the problem is with the router, and then you can try resetting the settings and calibrating the device. And only when all of the above did not work, you should contact your provider.

But there is another reason why the Internet may disappear: computer or laptop software.

Wireless Driver Installation

To understand how to enable wireless button on HP laptop and immediately access the Internet, you need to follow a few simple steps.

To install or upgrade a wireless driver, you must know the exact model of a laptop or computer. You can install the driver from the boot disk that comes with the computer or download it from the Internet.

Downloading the driver is quite simple. You must first go to the official website of the laptop manufacturer.

You will then need to find the driver on the site. It is enough to enter the device model in the search bar, and the service will show all the available materials.

Typically, the Wi-Fi driver name contains the following combination of words: Wireless Network Adapter. After a successful download, you need to install the driver and restart the laptop or computer. If, after this, the network has not recovered, you should contact your provider.

Connection Manager

HP laptops have a useful connection manager through which you can turn on Wi-Fi. To do this, you must follow the instructions:

  • Go to the Start menu.
  • Switch to the tab of all programs.
  • Find the HP connector in the list and start it.
  • In the line responsible for the Wi-Fi connection, configure the parameter “Enabled”.

Then it is recommended to exit the administrator and connect to a free network. Similarly, you can also disconnect the connection on your HP laptop.

Windows Control Center

Turning on Wi-Fi on HP laptop with Windows 7 or 10 OS installed is pretty simple. To do this, do the following:

  • Go to the “Start” panel and in the search bar find “Control Center”.
  • Find the Wi-Fi icon in the lower right corner of the desktop and click on it. If the icon is white, not gray, then the wireless network is already active.

The slider to enable Wi-Fi is most often used on older laptop models. To turn it on, you need to carefully inspect the body of the device and find the slider, then put it in the active position.

Sometimes the Wi-Fi adapter is turned on with the button. In such cases, a button with an antenna is located near the keyboard, a sign of a wireless network.

Modern device owners can easily understand how to enable wireless communications on HP laptops. Activation is carried out using the keyboard shortcut Fn and F1-12.

On some models, a touchpad sits above the keyboard, allowing you to turn the wireless network on or off with a single touch.

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