How to Play PS$ with Laptop Using HDMI?

It is a technical thing process to play games on the Laptop screen. You must have to attach an input to your Laptop that connects the video games device to the Laptop. There is some complication that is going to solve here for the viewers.

The cable of HDMI is essential to attach to both sides of the Laptop and your video device. The sides of the HDMI cable will work as an output on multi-side. After that, you can play all the video games without any hurdles. The required result will be in front of you.

How to Play PS$ with Laptop Using HDMI?

Play Station 4 is a gaming console. It released in November 2013. It is very famous in children and as well as in adults these days. Play Station has recognized since its first version, known as PlayStation 1.

PlayStation 4 can easily connect with TV, LED, and LCD. A lot of users wanted to know how to connect PS4 to laptops. But comparing it on the screen of the laptop is a little tricky. As we know, most of the laptops/notebooks do not have video input.

Connecting Play Station 4 to the computer is not like connecting HDMI cable with the network, and we are good to go. You can use a laptop as a monitor for PS4. It cannot be connected until we know some steps.

Now the question arises on how to connect Play Station 4 with a laptop anyway?


Reading further, it will guide you on how to connect and play: Play Station 4 on the laptop screen. Well, for that, you should follow some steps and get ready to have expenses. Use HDMI as input laptop PS4.

Top 2 Methods to Play PS4 WITH LAPTOP USING HDMI?

There are two main methods of connecting Play Station 4 with a laptop and playing games on it. Following are the two steps:

  • Using the HDMI.


For this first method, you should have the following things available. It will help you to know that how to connect PS4 to laptop HDMI:

  • Laptop
  • Video capture card
  • Internet
  • File sharing enabled
  • HDMI cable

STEP 1. First of all, you have to allow the file-sharing from settings of your Play Station 4. First, go to settings there go to the network settings. Then select the internet connection settings. There connect your Play Station 4 with your Wi-Fi.

And what if you don’t have Wi-Fi connection then what will you do? I have a solution for that too. In that case, you have to configure your Play Station 4 and laptop with the same Wi-Fi router using Ethernet cable. By doing that, you can steam between both.

STEP 2. Now you need a video capture card. And you have to connect PS4 HDMI to a laptop for smooth gameplay. Here is the link where you can buy a Video Capture Card.

STEP 3. Connect your video capture card to your laptop using the USB port. Install the software that came with the video capture card in your computer to function the video capture card properly.

STEP 4: Now connect your Play Station 4 with a video capture card. To connect video capture card with Play Station 4, you need an S-video connection. Connect the HDMI Input to video capture card and HDMI Output to your Play Station 4.

STEP 5. Now open the software on your laptop that came with the video capture card after installing. The software will, by default, search for your Play Station 4 and will connect with it.How to play PS4 with Laptop using HDMI is not a big deal.

After connecting with Play Station 4, it will start displaying on the screen of the laptop. Make sure that the application is in full-screen mode for full resolution display.

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2. Using Remote Play

Sony’s remote play gives you the control where you can stream your Play Station 4 gameplay. This application will let you enjoy your Play Station 4 gameplay on your laptop. The following detail is related to tell the answer to the question that how to use a laptop as a monitor for PS4.

For this method, you need the following stuff:

  • Laptop
  • Play Station 4 system
  • USB cable or Dual shock 4 USB wireless adapter
  • An account of Play Station network
  • High-Speed internet connection

STEP 1: Go to the Sony remote play app website and then download it from the website to your laptop. Keep in mind to download the latest version of the application. After downloading the application, install it, and run it. Your problem will automatically solve that how to play PS4 on a laptop screen with HDMI.

STEP 2: Now in this step, we will make our Play Station 4 ready for connection. First, if we have more accounts in our Play Station 4, we have to select one account and make its primary consideration.

A lot of people use a laptop as a screen for PS4. For that first, go to the settings and from there go to the Play Station network settings there you will find the account management where you will discover the activate as primary Play Station; enable it.

If your Play Station 4 software is not updated, then update it because it is essential.

STEP 3: Now, after this, we have to enable the remote play option in our Play Station 4. For that, go to settings, then go to remote play settings, then will allow it. To enable access to your games through remote play or network. After activating it Play Station 4 will go into standby mode by default.


If the Play Station 4 is not in standby or rest mode, put it into standby or rest mode, mostly it is by default in rest or standby mode, but it is good to check it for assurance.

After that, put it to power saving mode then set features in rest mode. Then check if turn on Play Station 4 mode is activated or ticked. If it is not enabled, then enable it for proper streaming.

STEP 5: Now switch to your remote play app installed on your laptop.

STEP 6: Now connect your dual shock 4 to your laptop. You can plug PS4 into laptops also for fast results. It is quite simple for all the users of PS4. A common layman will not face any problem regarding it.

STEP 7: After connecting to your dual shock 4, you will be able to see a start button after selecting it you will prompt to log in to the network or Play Station network. After starting it, you will see the Play Station 4 home screen on your laptop screen.

Now you can steam your games efficiently controlling through your dual shock 4. We hope that you understand that how do I connect my PS4 to my laptop.

An interesting fact you can use a mix of laptops and text through keyboard etc.

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Sum Up:

Both methods are fantastic, and they both are not so difficult if you have the required things with you. Then you will be easily able to stream your Play Station 4 games on your laptop screen. We can use laptop as a monitor for PS4.

If you have the HDMI cable, then use the HDMI method, and if you don’t have HDMI cable, then use the second remote play method. I use the HDMI method because, in my opinion, it is easy for me, but I have used the second method too, it is more fun than the HDMI method.

You must attach both sides for connecting PS4 to laptop HDMI. Because it is a wireless method, you can easily play games on that method. We hope that you are able to get the entire information on how to play PS4 with a laptop using HDMI.

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