how to move fullscreen program to second monitor

How to Move fullscreen Program to Second Monitor Windows 10

There are more than one ways in which the full screen can be shifted to a second viewing device in windows 10. However, a few things are required to be considered in this regard, the process is reliant on the game type, the GPU drivers you have, and the overall settings of your monitor.

In the lines below we will try to shed light on how to move the fullscreen program to the second monitor in Microsoft Windows 10.

The thought of screen shift often comes to the mind of those people who usually consume their appreciable time working by using computers. During their work, they want to get relaxed by playing video games. Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning that no matter how you loved your favorite game, in most cases, the default display settings are always bounded to your primary monitor. If you ought to have a full screen on the second monitor, then the below-mentioned methods along with some easy to follow steps are greatly helpful for you.

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How to move a fullscreen game to another monitor?

Method 1: Utilizing Software

There is plenty of good working software are available in the market to help you do the task quite easily and successfully. By making use of them, you can switch the fullscreen game to a second monitor alongside High Definition Display and Audio as well.

Moreover, some settings that may work on the primary display are equally working on the secondary monitor as well. For Instance, Sleep, Hibernation, and Screen Saver settings can also be titled to the subsequent display unit.

Why needing the software, if we can easily do the task using windows built-in methods? The answer is there, and it is the ease of doing work using all-in-one settings of one window. Another great aspect of such software is the luxury of changing back to normal, once you have done gaming, you can easily transfer yourself back to your default settings.

This software is sometimes free and often you have to pay to buy them. There may arise an issue of compatibility of your dual screen with the operating system. If you are having trouble using third-party tools then it is preferred to go for windows built-in options only. 

As for now, we have done praising others’ software, it is time to look at what windows are carrying for us.

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Method 2: Setting of Second Display as Primary Monitor

Another alternate is to select the windows already available option.

Below are the steps to be followed in this regard;

1) Attach the Second Display to your computer, which you want to make a primary display.

b) Press Windows Key and you will come to windows’ Start-up Menu and search for display settings. in the windows search option.

2) Click on the Display settings when the option is seen.

3) In the display settings window you will find the Multiple Displays option when you scroll down, please select the second monitor option from there.

4) After selecting the Second Monitor option, asking you to label this display as “Make this my main” Display.

5) Please select this check box and you’re done with successfully changing the display.

Please note that the above-mentioned steps are valid for newer versions of Microsoft Windows. However, if you have older versions we are presenting you with a great solution as well.

1) Click the start menu and open up Control Panel.

2) It’s better to choose the category display, the select Display option, or Appearance & Themes whichever is present there.

3) You will notice that there is a monitor on which 2 is written boldly, all you have to do is to select this monitor.

4) Hit the Apply Button and the settings are changed for your primary display monitor.

5) Alternatively, you can reverse the settings any time by selecting the monitor with a large 1.

Method 3: Projector Mode

You can move the game to the second monitor by applying another windows’ built-in feature. This is also helpful for you if you do not want to install any outsider software. Below are some of the steps in this regard.

We believe that this simple method is hidden from the eyes of many traditional users. The process is simpler and quicker with the following steps to be followed.

1) Firstly, you have to be on your desktop without any application or game running.

2) Enter the projector mode by selecting Windows Key + P.

3) In the projector mode, the computer is meant to deliver the display signal to only one display device, and in our case, that device is Second Monitor.

4) Please do remember that the first display that is the computer’s primary monitor will go dark.

5) You are left with only a Secondary Display, and your game will be launched on it.

As a tip, you can switch off the Projector Mode when the game is launched, it will continue to run in the projector mode.

Method 4: Open Game on Second Monitor

This method is quite useful for those who want to switch in-game display. Below we will describe to you how to switch a game to a different monitor.

1) First and foremost connect the Secondary Display to your computer and Launch the game.

 2) Your mouse should be connected and move the cursor in-line with the gaming screen until the pop-up appears and the second screen is selected.

3) After doing this, the cursor will go blank from First Display and will appear on the Second Monitor.

For full-screen games, multiple displays are very important. We have elaborated some simple and useful steps that are helpful in how to get games to launch on the second monitor.

Final Words

We believe that built-in methods are especially helpful in the case of newer versions of windows. Our recommended choice is selecting the Second Monitor as the Primary Display that is Method 2. This option can be seen in Windows 10 as well as earlier versions of Windows. So it will work hustle free for most of the users.

Nexus to the aforementioned, you can apply software techniques as well if you want certain options to be dealt with under the same window.

The performance of doubling the screen or changing the display is highly reliant upon the performance of your Graphics Adaptor, so ensure that you have a good quality Graphics Card for optimum display performance.

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