How To Fix Apex Legends Crashing

How To Fix Apex Legends Crashing [6 Ways Step by Step]

We all know that Apex Legends is the most popular battle royal game. Basically this game was released in July 2019 for the PlayStation, Xbox and Microsoft platform and it is a free game you don’t need to pay money to play it.

More than 10 million active users are present and if we talk about the quality of this game then it is the best game to play but there are certain issues that occur at the time of playing this game.

Today we are going to tell you about how to fix the Apex Legends crashing issue in Windows 10 if you are the one who is facing this issue read the complete article very carefully.

How to fix Apex legends crashing issue in Windows 10

All the methods to solve Apex Legends crashing issue are given below but before applying all these you should restart your computer first.

Basically this thing will refresh your computer operating system and also delete the corrupt temporary data that are causing different problems.

There are too many reasons that can cause the Apex Legends crashes and all the possible solutions are given below about how to fix Apex Legends crashing.

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1. Turn off full-screen optimization

If the full-screen optimization is on then this thing can cause Apex Legends crash it is important to off this option. To do this all the steps are given below

  • First, turn on your computer and right-click on the Apex legends shortcut
  • Then select the open file location option
  • The game folder will be open and here you have to right-click on the r5apex.exe and select the properties
  • When the properties page will open then click on the compatibility and click on the Disable fullscreen optimizations box
  • In this way, full-screen optimization is turned off and then applies your settings
  • After doing all this run your Apex Legends game

Now check your game if still the Apex Legends game keeps crashing then try the next method

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2. Run Apex Legends as an administrator

Sometimes this game needs the elevated privilege to run properly but if it is not given this then the crashing problem will occur.

  • First, right-click on the game shortcut and select the option named open file location.
  • The installation folder will be open and here right-click on the r5apex.exe
  • After this select the properties option
  • Now click on the compatibility option and check the run as administrator box
  • Apply all these settings and run the Apex Legends game
  • After applying this method if the crashing problem is not solved then try the next solution

3. Verify the Apex Legends files

Sometimes apex keeps crashing due to the missing files of the games. To confirm this thing you must have to verify the Apex Legends files.

  • First, you have to open the Origin client
  • Sign in to your account
  • Now click on the option named as Game library that is present on the left side
  • After opening the Game library tab right-click on the Apex legends and then select the repair game option
  • When you select this option then the client will start the process of verifying the Apex Legends files
  • After completing this process the all missing files will start downloading automatically and after downloading these files replace the all corrupted files
  • Now run the game and check that crashing issue is resolved or not.

4. Uninstall the visual redistributable packages

If the apex legends freezing problem occurs in the Windows 10 then it might be due to the corrupted Visual C++ redistributable package. In this situation, you have to try uninstalling and reinstalling it again. All the steps to do this are given below

  • First, you have to press the start button and then click on the icon to open the settings.
  • In the settings page, you have to click on the apps to open the list of all installed apps
  • Now find the Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable package and then uninstall this.
  • When you click on the uninstalling option then it might be possible that you have to follow some instructions and also confirm some dialog boxes to uninstall it
  • After doing all this click on the finish option and when the uninstalling process is done then repeat the same process to uninstall all versions of Visual C++ package
  • Now open the origin with the help of its icon and go to the Game library menu which is present on the left side of the screen.
  • In the Game library click on the Apex legends icon and then right-click on the icon that is present next to the orange color play button
  • Here select the repair option that is present in the context menu
  • That’s it the process is finished

After doing all the process run your game and check that the apex legends crash fix or not if it is present then you can go for the next solution.

5. Disable GameDVR with the help of registry

Basically GameDVR provides you the opportunity to record the gameplay at the time of gaming. It is a very amazing feature but this feature will affect the performance of your game and also created some issues like crashing and many more. So in this situation, you have to disable GameDVR to do this follow all the given steps.

  • Open the search bar and type Regedit and with this the registry editor will be opened
  • In your registry navigate to the following key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\System\GameConfigStore
  • Now you have to click on this key and find the entry called GameDVR_Enabled
  • After this right-click on it and select the modify option
  • Under the value section change the value to 0 and it is present in the Edit window
  • After this apply all the changes
  • Navigate to the location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows and it is present in the registry option
  • At the navigation bar, windows key is present, right-click on the Windows key and select the new key
  • Name the new key as GameDVR after this you have to navigate it and also create a new DWORD Value, you can do this by right-clicking on the right side of the window and selecting new DWORD 32-bit value.
  • From the context menu select the modify option
  • Change the value to 0 under the value data section and it is present in the Edit window
  • In the end apply the changes and restart your computer

6. Update your graphics drivers(NVIDIA)

  • First, you have to press the Win and R key at the same time to open the run box
  • Here type the MSConfig and then click ok
  • After this system configuration will open
  • In the system configuration, you have to click boot tab
  • Now check the safe boot option that is present in the boot tab
  • Click ok
  • After this message is appeared to restart your computer to apply all the changes.
  • Click on the restart option then your computer will be boot in the safe mode
  • Click on this PC and then Local Disk C to go to the hard disk of your computer
  • Here you will find the NVIDIA folder right-click on this folder and select the delete option
  • Click start and here type Run
  • A run dialog box will appear when you select the Run
  • In the Run dialog box type devmgmt.msc and the device manager window will open
  • Now click on the display adapters with this all the network adapters will be shown
  • Select the NVIDIA adapter and then select the uninstall option
  • Click ok to remove the NVIDIA adapter
  • Press the Win and R key at the same time to open the run box
  • Here type the MSConfig and then click ok
  • After this system configuration will open
  • In the system configuration, you have to click boot tab
  • Now check the safe boot option that is present in the boot tab
  • Click ok to restart your computer and apply the changes
  • Download the latest version of NVIDIA driver from the given link
  • In the end, run the setup file and some instructions will be shown on your screen
  • Follow all the instructions and select the custom installation option
  • After this check all the boxes that will be shown on the screen
  • Don’t forget to check the box which shows perform a clean install
  • Now restart your computer

I hope you understand all the solutions to how to fix Apex Legends crashing issues and one of them will definitely work for you.

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