how to delete a netflix profile on iphone

Delete Netflix Profile on iPhone/Android – With Video Walk-through

How to delete Netflix profile on iPhone – Do you have different Netflix customer profiles? One for the youngsters, a profile for your brother and sister, and, clearly, a profile for the dearest friend. As of now, you’re contemplating “how might I delete a customer profile on Netflix from my iPhone”?

Above all else, having distinctive Netflix accounts or profiles is useful according to numerous perspectives. For example, it saves recommendations for shows and movies novel. In any case, this is simply apparent if every other individual sign into their allotted profile.

How to Delete a Netflix Profile on Android

In other words, if you look like me, you understand that everyone signs into the first account they see. Along these lines, unquestionably, you ought to delete the extra Netflix profiles.

It’s not hard to delete a Netflix profile using either a web browser or the Netflix application on a cell. You can similarly delete a Netflix profile on a streaming device or smart TV. Nevertheless, you can’t delete your first profile (the primary profile you made) except for you to cancel your account.

Netflix profiles are great for sharing a profile with friends and family. You can make as many as five profiles on a singular Netflix account, with each profile keep up its viewing history and recommendations reliant upon the watcher’s tendencies. By making more than one profile, your youngsters’ film tendencies will not at any point sway your Netflix recommendations.

You similarly ought to delete an old profile that isn’t, now being utilized, or you by and by needn’t bother with. Fortunately, deleting a profile from your Netflix account isn’t hard to do, either from a phone, web program, TV, or a streaming device like an Xbox or smart TV stick — You need to click or tap a few decisions. Note that you can’t delete your primary Netflix profile (the first profile you made while signing up for Netflix).

Also, note that deleting a Netflix profile is inside and out not equivalent to deleting a Netflix account. Exactly when you delete a Netflix profile, you simply delete that particular profile inside the account — it doesn’t impact various profiles, neither does it impact the general account settings. Various watchers can continue using their profiles to no avail, with tendencies and settings remaining unaltered.

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How to Delete a Netflix Profile from A PC or Mac, Using a Web Browser

In case you by and large watch Netflix on your desktop, PC, or Mac PC, you can without a very remarkable stretch use your preferred browser to delete profiles from the service’s site.

  • Open Netflix in your preferred browser and sign in to your account.
  • Click the profile image at the upper right of the window to open a drop-down menu, and select Manage Profiles.
  • Click the pencil image at the point of the centre of the profile you wish to delete.
  • Click Delete Profile located at the lower part of the window near “Save” and “Cancel.” Netflix will display a brief informing you to confirm your decision; click Delete Profile again.

That is it! You’ve viably deleted that Netflix profile and its viewing history. You’ll be thus returned to the “Manage profiles” page; click ‘Done’ back to the Profile Selection page.

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How to Delete a Netflix Profile on Your iPhone or iPad (iOS)

Follow these steps to delete a Netflix profile on an iPhone or iPad:

  • Launch the Netflix mobile application.
  • Tap More (three-level lines) to open the profiles menu.
  • Tap the profile listed at the top place of the menu to go to the Who’s Watching page.
  • Tap Edit in the upper right of the screen. Pencil icons will appear in the point of the center of your profiles.
  • Tap the profile you wish to delete.
  • Tap Delete Profile. Netflix will display a pop-up window asking whether you are sure, confirm your decision. That is it! The profile, close by the aggregate of its content and history, will be deleted from your account.

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How Do I Remove Other Users On My Netflix Account?

Is it exact to say that you are on an iPhone? By then, to eradicate a specific Netflix profile, you ought to at first sign in to your Netflix account through the iPhone application or mobile site. Once logged on, cling to the rules below to remove inconsequential Netflix user profiles:

To delete or edit a profile from the Netflix site, select the adjusted image on the profile you need to change under Manage Profiles. For the picked profile, you can pick a language and advancement level or to delete the profile, select Delete Profile. In like manner, note that you can’t delete the main profile.

To delete a Netflix profile from the iPhone application, simply raise the screen with all profiles (i.e click the choices menu and click the username of the current customer to raise an overview, in light of everything).

By then, hit the adjust button (takes after a pencil). Select the profile you need to adjust. From here, delete the picked profile. Moreover, note that you can simply change the display pic, username and set the standard to “kids” through the iPhone application. That is, just as deleting the account.


As ought to be self-evident, deleting a Netflix profile is straightforward. From the menu, you can moreover change the username of the profile, the maturity level and delete the profile. Regardless, do review that you can’t delete the main Netflix profile.

In addition, removing a Netflix profile erases the history of that account. In this informative post, I have discussed almost all the ways, which an iPhone or another platform Netflix user can use to simply delete their unwanted Netflix profile without the need for professional assistance.

I am sure after reading this informative post on “how to delete Netflix profile on iPhone” can guide you through the process in a hassle-free manner. I have discussed simple steps and methods which an iPhone user can use to delete their Netflix profile from their phone in an effortless manner.

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