how to change dpi on mouse

How to Change DPI on Mouse in Windows 7,8 and 10 Mac

For input, a mouse is the most significant basis peripheral key to operate the functioning of a computer. It helps you to complete your task firmly and smoothly. To accomplish your desired job in the specified time, it must work correctly, but if you are facing problems in its adjustments and want to know how to change dpi on mouse?

Then you are precisely in the right place. Reading further will make you understand how easy this task is really and solves your problem in just a single minute without causing any problem or error in your computer or device. Sometimes your runs too fast for the savor you are using, or it may work too slowly that is quite problematic for you.         

The mouse dpi depicts the sensitivity of the mouse depending upon the number of dots per inch. There are different settings as well as tips and tricks to consider or modify in windows 7, 8 10, and MAC that must be to change the dpi on the mouse. Some of the underlying factors to consider and do as follows:

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How to Change DPI on Mouse in Windows 7,8 and 10, Mac

You can customize and comprise of high-end settings of your mouse. There is also an advanced feature that can change the number of lines that can scroll with each wheel’s movement that comes up beside the mouse speed and other settings related to it.

One of the most accessible works to change mouse dpi on windows 7, 8, and 10 is to use the DPI on-the-fly button on your mouse’s body. This button is not available on all mouse devices, but only the high-end gaming peripheral includes it for the safe side.

The most important fact about it is it can adjust to 1000 Dpi per each click of yours, which cannot work equally to comprise all of your needs. Such changes made in the buttons of the mouse are temporary in short; it is not a permanent solution.

It can again overwrite once you switch off your computer. To choose a permanent solution to get rid of this problem, all you need to do is follow the steps mentioned:

STEP 1: You should first take notice over the DPI button on your mouse that most probably lies on the top near the scroll wheel.

STEP 2: Hold and press the button on the mouse to change the dpi on the mouse.

STEP 3: After it, you will quickly get a pop-up notification on the screen of your monitor, informing you that the settings of dpi have changed, or else it will show the new DPI settings to highlight exact settings depending upon the software settings of your mouse.

Another method if you want to know How to change the dpi mouse windows 10? You need to change the settings that are very easy and simple by modifications with the changes mentioned follows:

STEP NO. 1: Initially, click the Windows menu and go to the control panel.

STEP NO.2: Inside the control panel’s search bar, select the mouse option, and open the properties of your mouse.

STEP NO.3: Now, in the Mouse properties, you will see an option named Pointer option tab. Click on it and open the flap.

STEP NO.4: On the motion section, it has a selector to adjust the pointer’s speed. It would be best if you dragged the slider to increase or decrease the rate according to your choice.

STEP NO.5: You can also uncheck the box that calls as Enhance pointer precision that produces sudden movement in the pointer of your mouse. When you move the tip, it changes the lengths that depend on the rate you move your mouse.

STEP NO.6: After doing the changes, you should test the movement to analyze if it works for you or not.

STEP NO.7: When the settings are complete, you must click on the option Apply to save the changes you made on the page and then press ok to close the tab. It will help to change mouse sensitivity windows 7, 8, and 10.

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How to change Mouse DPI in The MacBook Settings?

You are looking for how to adjust the sensitivity of mouse dpi in MacBook settings? Then stop worrying; you are in the right place. Following the steps illustrated below will help you out to change the settings according to your choice.

STEP NO.1: Click on the Apple menu from the menu list and open the system preferences.

STEP NO.2: After opening the system preferences window, you must find and click on the mouse for Trackpad settings that depend on the MacBook category laptop you possess.

STEP NO.3: Now, you need to click the tab to modify the tracking speed pad to maintain it according to your demand. These steps can accomplish for an iMac by choosing the Mouse option and accurately adjusting pointer speed.

STEP NO.4: Confirm the test after changing the settings to apply a new one in your device. Now you can exit the system preferences window to save the changes accurately.

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Changes in DPI Mouse for Maximum Speed in MacBook

You must edit the registry for the maximum speed pointer then must consider the following steps that magnified as follows:

STEP NO.1: Hold and press Windows + R and write Reedit in the textbox and then click on return.


STEP NO.3: Inside the mouse’s pane, you need to find the Mouse Speed registry first and then double click on it to open. After that, change the value data from 2 to 1 and then press the Ok.

STEP NO.4: Now click the Mouse Threshold1 and again change the value data to zero.

STEP NO.5: Repeat it as same for the Mouse Threshold2 and reset the value to zero.

STEP NO.6: After that, you must exit the registry editor and reboot.

Enhance the Performance Further

Not everyone wants a high-edge sensitivity of the mouse to a great extent. There are many other aspects too to increase the performance rate of your mouse to adjust the DPI mouse settings.

If your mouse is not working well, you must have the driver updates, and you can go to the device hardware settings to update the drivers inside. Choosing the mouse’s low polling rate will cause the lag even if the performance and the DPI sensitivity of the mouse set to maximum speed. You can customize the settings of your mouse dpi and speed according to your choice; it may be maximum or minimum.

All the steps mentioned above for WINDOWS 7, 8 AND 10, and MacBook are very much simple and easy. You can adjust and change the mouse sensitivity while following the simple steps that magnified above.

It saves you time and makes your work more efficient and depicts more varieties in the performance and its functioning. Therefore, you can trust the steps mentioned above for your own benefit and evaluate the basic update of the setting to adjust the dpi of the mouse. It will greatly work for you to install the optimum settings in your device by enhancing or reducing the speed of your mouse.

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