How Do I Find my Network Security Key

How Do I Find my Network Security Key? [Step by Step]

The network security key is a passcode that proves your authentication. Every wireless device like a router or any other, they are encrypted with a network security key or network security passcode or phrase.

The network security key is necessary for your connections because I make your connection secure from unauthorized people.

The network security key is assigned in the wireless device setting where you set up your network security key and every device which wants to connect with your router first, it will be matched with that network security key then it has access to the router and authorizes in a connection.

In this article we share the information ‘how do find the network security key?’

But, firstly we tell you, how many types of a network security key in router or wireless device.

Network Security Key Types

  1. WEP
  2. WPA & WPA2

1. WEP

This type of encryption used 40 bit key for data packets which are transmitted.

In the open framework validation technique, the mentioning customer need not present the accreditations to the passageway for verification as any customer can attempt to connect with the system. Here, just the WEP key is utilized for the encryption procedure.

While in the common key validation, the WEP key is utilized for confirmation by sending a four-way challenge-reaction handshake process.

[wpsm_titlebox title=”Important” style=”3″]Initially, the host customer sends the confirmation solicitation to the passageway. At that point, the passage accordingly sends back a reasonable content test. By utilizing the WEP key, the customer host will encode the text message and send it back to the passage.[/wpsm_titlebox]

The reaction will at that point be unscrambled by the passageway and on the off chance that it is indistinguishable from the test content, at that point it will transmit a positive answer.

 Later the confirmation and the affiliation procedure will get finished and again the WEP key is utilized for encryption of the information bundles utilizing RC4. Here we tell you about the WEP security key for encryption but it is less secure than WPA & WPA2.

2. WPA & WPA2

The host device which needs to associate with the system requires the security key to begin the correspondence. The WPA and WPA-2 both work on the rule that after the approval of the key, the trading of information among the host device and the passageway is in an encrypted structure.

The WPA temporal key integrity protocol (TKIP) which utilizes for every packet key which implies that it powerfully delivers a new 128-bit key each time when a bundle shows up and allocation, the equivalent to the information packets.

This spares the packets from any undesirable access and attacks There are several types of WPA because different kinds of people use it.

WPA & WPA2 Personal

WPA & WPA2 used in the small network or in a home connection that needs not any type of server authentication. When you extract the 256 bit key into the 128 bits than the data is encrypted and secure from unauthorized users.

WPA & WPA2 Enterprise

This security key is used in an enterprise or organization, and the key is deploying an 802.1x authentication server which is more secured from the WEP encryption key technique.

Now we tell you about how you find the network security key?

How we find network security key in Windows?

The Best Way to Find Network Security Key in Windows

By following some easy steps you can find your security key in Windows.

1. First you open the Control Panel.

2. Open the Network and Internet setting.

3. Then click the Manage Wireless Network button and choose your network connection.

4. Go to your Wireless Network properties.

5. Open the Security tab.

6. Check the box which displays the network security key of your wireless device.

How we Find Network Security Key in Mac OS?

  1. Select Go on the screen top.
  2. Choose Utilities.
  3. Click twice on Keychain Access and then select your wireless network from the list.
  4. Check the box which displays Show password (Now you enter your Mac’s Administrator passcode and then click Allow.)
  5. Your network security key will be displayed. You can use this same key to connect other devices to your network.

How we Find the Network Security Key in the Router?

How we Find the Network Security Key in Router

In case you’re not right now associated, you’ll need to discover the security key on your switch. In your switch, your security key will be situated inside the remote security settings.

For instance, on the off chance that you have WPA2 encryption on your system, the key will no doubt be settled inside there. All switches are unique, so check the connections underneath for explicit directions. By following these easy ways you can easily find your network key.

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