10 Best VHS to Digital Converter – How to Convert VHS Tapes to DVD

Are you trying to make your old VHS videos to digital format videos? For this, you will need the best VHS to Digital converter

We all know that VHS tapes are no more for playing the videos as well as preserving all the content, you have to convert all your videos into the digital format.

For the conversion there are too many VHS to DVD converter are present in the market basically, all these converters come with too many advanced features and you have the opportunity to select the best one according to your needs and requirements.

Top 10 Best VHS to Digital Converter Reviews 2021

Other than this most of the converter also comes with built-in editing software to enhance the quality of your video, we have shortlisted the top 10 Digital converter. According to our complete research, all these given converters are the best present in the market.

backpac1. Diamond Video Capture VC500Check Price
backpac2. ClearClick VHS to DVD Kit for PCCheck Price
backpac3. DIGITNOW Video Capture ConverterCheck Price
backpac4. Roxio Easy best VHS to Digital ConverterCheck Price
backpac5. Kodak Scanza Film ScannerCheck Price
backpac6. KODAK Mini Digital Film & Slide ScannerCheck Price
backpac7. ClearClick Video to Digital ConverterCheck Price
backpac8. UCEC USB 2.0 Video Capture CardCheck Price
backpac9. ClearClick Video to Digital ConverterCheck Price
backpac10. VIDBOX VCS2M Video Conversion SuiteCheck Price

Diamond Video Capture VC500

1. Diamond Video Capture VC500

The Diamond video capture VC500 is one of the best Digital converters present in the market.

It comes with too many excellent features and also at an affordable price.

This best VHS to DVD converter provides you with amazing results and also allows stabilizing and editing of your video files. Other than this it features the best burn time and completes the conversion process in only 8 minutes.

Diamond video capture VC500 provides you with the opportunity to capture and save the VHS material and also provides the video editor to improve the quality of the original material.

This converter allows you to improve the image’s brightness and contrast, also transitions, add titles, sound effects, add special effects, and many more. You can easily capture the video and edit it by yourself with the help of Diamond video capture.

Basically, Diamond video capture the best Digital converter is the very fastest program present in the market and if you are thinking to copy and transfer the different materials from VHS to DVD then it is very easy with this converter and it doesn’t take too much time with this product.

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  • The output is very amazing
  • It allowed the editing
  • Burn time is only 8 minutes


  • It doesn’t support the Mac OS and Windows 10
  • HD output is not present

ClearClick VHS to DVD Kit for PC

2. ClearClick VHS to DVD Kit for PC

With the help of the ClearClick video converter, you can easily convert the VHS videos and camcorder tapes into digital format or DVD.

ClearClick best VHS converter comes with too many advanced features and is one of the best options for you present in the market.

Basically this VCR to DVD converter comes with the 3-RCA video transfer cable, USB video capture device, complete instruction, VHS to DVD conversion software, and also 24/7 tech support.

It also provides you with the 1-Year warranty so if you have any problem with this then you can easily replace this kit or get your money back.

You just have to install the NCH Golden Videos software and also USB video device drivers. After this connect the ClearClick and in the last transfer your video and burn it to DVD.


  • Very easy to use this converter
  • It provides you with complete instruction/set up manual
  • This converter comes with the 1-Year warranty
  • It provides you with the 24-hour tech support


  • According to some users, the included software is only a trial version

DIGITNOW Video Capture Converter Turn your old VHS into DVDs with Ease

DIGITNOW Video Capture Converter Turn your old VHS into DVDs

If you are looking for the best VHS to Digital converter then the other solid option is the Digitnow video capture converter.

It comes with the feature of both RCA and s-video connections.

These things let you easily connect to any VHS player but the output connection of this converter is USB and it will allow you to plug directly into your computer or laptops.

The built-in software of this VHS to Digital converter is on a CD-ROM so, it is very important for that your computer or laptop has a disk drive otherwise you don’t be able to install it or you can use the OBS studio software.

Most of the users mentioned that the software and the adaptor work very good but some users reported that sometimes it is a little bit slow and clunky.


  • It is the most effective converter
  • Video quality is amazing
  • If you don’t have disk drive then its software is available online


  • Its sound default to the internal microphone

Roxio Easy best VHS to Digital Converter

4. Roxio Easy Digital Converter

Roxio Easy VHS to DVD is the other best VHS converter according to its amazing features

but sadly this converter hasn’t had any update and this thing has resulted in it down the rankings.

With the help of USB, you can easily connect the Roxio Easy to your laptop or computer while plugging it into older devices including camcorder or VHS with the help of RGB or S-Video connection.

But the main thing about this best VHS to DVD converter machine is that most of the users complained that sometimes the software doesn’t work and some users gave the one-star review only because the hardware works very fine, it is the only software that sucks.

Now it depends on you that you want to buy it or not, this best Digital converter is a little bit expensive as compared to the other converter.


  • You can easily create disc label with the help of this converter
  • This converter also converts the old music
  • It stabilizes your video with the perfect color and lights.


  • This converter only supports the Windows
  • It is very difficult to use the software

Kodak Scanza Film Scanner Review

5. Kodak Scanza Film Scanner Review

Kodak Scanza is simple but a non-professional scanner, when you open the box then you will get the AC adapter

HDMI, video out cables and USB, surface cleaner in the shape of a toothbrush, and user manual.

All the things of this Kodak best VHS to Digital converter are made up of plastic and look very cheap in construction quality.

It is good enough in the film format flexibility and doesn’t provide the medium format option. However, you can scan 35mm, 110mm, 126mm formats, and also 8mm/super 8.

The important thing is that 8mm/super 8 is misleading you because it is not for the scanning whole reel of 8mm film. This option is present to scan individual frames of super 8 slides or 8 mm.

Very easy to use this scanner even you are a beginner in scanning and doing it for the first time, you will definitely use it without any help. This VHS to DVD recorder comes with the 14MP but it offers you the 22MP scan option and this thing will increase the resolution from the 4320×2880 to 5728×3824 pixels.


  • Very easy to use this scanner
  • It is very fast at scanning
  • It doesn’t require any computer or laptop


  • Other products are available with the same features and less cash
  • Scanning resolution is very limited

KODAK Mini Digital Film & Slide Scanner

6. KODAK Mini Digital Film & Slide Scanner

Want to convert your old memories into new again? Now the all-in-one Kodak Mini Digital converter and slide scanner is here for you.

It allows you to convert your old format photographs into the improved JPEG files for view, share, and for the print purpose.

This VHS to DVD burner is a very small device but it comes with the integrated 2.4″ LCD screen, user-friendly interface, one-press button operation, and also easy-load adaptors for the 126, 110, 135, Super 8 and monochrome slides.

You just have to load your old films one by one and watch as the machine quickly displays your photos and this converter saves up to 128MB.

You can easily scan your photos, save them, and also send all your photos to any computer for the purpose of sharing on the different social media platforms.

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  • This converter easily converts slides and film to the JPEGs
  • It allows you to adjust the brightness and color
  • Reverse and flips the images
  • It stores up to 128MB photos


  • It doesn’t provide you with the instructions for use

ClearClick Video to Digital Converter

7. ClearClick Video to Digital Converter (Deluxe Edition)

If you are in the search of the VHS to Digital converter then don’t worry ClearClick video converter is here for you.

With the help of this converter, you can easily transfer your videos to the digital format only by touching the button.

Enjoy your old movies again by converting the VHS video to digital format other than this you can restore your videos and share them with your friends, family and different social media platforms.

First, you have to connect your converter to your camcorder or VCR, remember that VCR is not included in the package but VCR cable is included

Press the record button and watch your video after this press again the record button to stop it. With the help of USB cable, you can transfer your digitized videos to your laptop or computer.

This device to convert VHS to DVD supports both Macintosh computers and Windows. If you don’t have a CD drive on your computer then don’t worry a software download access is also available.


  • Very easy to use this converter
  • You can easily convert your videos to digital format
  • This converter also runs on batteries


  • This converter only allows 90 minutes for recording

UCEC USB 2.0 Video Capture Card

8. UCEC USB 2.0 Video Capture Card

The other option of the best converter is the UCEC USB 2.0, basically, it is a cable that connects to your laptop

and computer with the help of USB and you can also connect it with your old VHS player with the help of RCA connection or S-Video.

The software comes on a disk that means you will need a laptop and computer with the disc drive.

The important and amazing thing about the UCEC best Digital converter is that it provides you the 24/7 online technical supports and also comes with a one-year money-back guarantee.

If you are facing any problem getting the software to work then you have the opportunity to get help from the expert.

But according to some users, its video conversion is very poor and also they face the problem of not transferring the color properly. Most people have positive reviews now it depends on you that it is the best option for you or not.


  • This converter supports PC and Mac
  • You have the opportunity to share your videos to any social networks
  • It also comes with the video software


  • You always need a conversion cable
  • This converter only supports the latest version of PC and iOS

ClearClick Video to Digital Converter 2.0 Second generation bundle edition

9. ClearClick Video to Digital Converter 2.0 Second generation bundle edition

If you are in the search of a Digital converter then here it is,

the ClickClear video to digital converter 2.0 comes with the most advanced features.

With the help of this converter, you can easily convert your all old VHS video to the digital format. It is a very straightforward digital converter to convert old videos.

You just have to press the start button and this converter will automatically start recording videos from your old VHS.

You don’t need any software to use this VHS to Digital converter and you just have to hook the hard drive and flash drive and it will get the digital video of all your VHS videos very quickly.

If you are going to buy the ClearClick 2.0 video to digital converter then you will also get the video pad editing software and also 32 GB USB flash drive.

Overall this tape to DVD converter is an excellent video converter that comes with amazing features for the video conversion now it is your decision that you are going to buy it or not.


  • This converter comes with the 3.5″ screen
  • It provides you with the auto stop feature
  • You have the opportunity to record in MP4 format


  • The price is little bit high

VIDBOX VCS2M Video Conversion Suite

10. VIDBOX VCS2M Video Conversion Suite

It is one of the best Digital converters present in the market is equipped

with the small build comes with the white furnished and also supports both Mac and Windows.

For the audio and video connection, three ports are present at the rear side of this converter and it also provides you with the USB 2.0/3.0 port for the laptop and computer connection.

This best VHS to Digital converter captures and converts the camcorder tapes, 8mm or VHS to the DVD and also in other different formats including MOV, MPEG-2, MP4, and DVD.

But it also lacks some video and output formats that are important however it could be played to different devices including game consoles, TV and DVD player.

The video resolution that is provided by this video to digital converter is just okay and the image and video quality is altered upon the conversion.

It comes with the user-friendly interface and because of this it is very easy to use it without any user manual, but the software lacks some important features including the editing and sharing.

Other than the converter itself it also incorporates the RCA AV cable, two installation software CDs, USB cable, and 2 quick start guides.


  • It comes with the user-friendly setup
  • Conversion is very easy
  • Multiple video player use


  • Some software issues are present

How to convert VHS to DVD

Today, VHS tapes and players represent a relic. Those old devices for analog recording and reproduction of audiovisual content represented the usual format for a very long time until the arrival of DVD in 2002.

Precisely at this point, and after 26 years on the road being the standard of video recording and reproduction, the VHS format was relegated, leaving in the past the huge collections of tapes with family moments, television shows, soccer games, and classic movies that many of us housed in our homes.

An issue that can be easily solved if we convert VHS video to DVD.In this way, with the appearance of the digital format on DVD, not all was lost for the VHS collections, since using the technological advances in the field of video it is possible to transform our old tapes into the new format.

The advantages provided by this process are enormous, considering that VHS tapes after years of playback and storage can deteriorate in addition to the possibilities of playback on the multiple current devices that the conversion offers.

In this sense, the preservation of all memories stored in an analogous way involves transforming them into digital format.

Article Resource: https://www.techadvisor.co.uk/how-to/photo-video/how-convert-vhs-dvd-digital-3417308/

The advantages that we can find when passing VHS video to DVD is:

Better video preservation: Given that tapes tend to deteriorate over time, the digital format is the safest way to preserve content.

It does not take up space: if you have a large collection of VHS it is likely that they take up a lot of physical space. With the transformation to DVD, everything will be on the computer.

Playback on any device: with VHS tapes it is mandatory to have reproductive equipment. In the DVD format, you will have the possibility to play the material on computers, smartphones, tablets, and DVD players, of course.

Ease of manipulation: with the video in DVD format it is possible to create copies of the material very quickly and easily.

Steps to convert VHS video to DVD

Once you have the necessary resources to start the process, it is only a matter of following the following steps so that in a short time you can have your VHS videos in digital format.

First step: connect the computer with the VHS Player

The first step in this process involves establishing communication between the VHS player and the computer that we will use to perform the conversion.

For this, you must connect the USB side of the analog-digital adapter in the computer and the RCA cables of the same in the VHS. This device can be found in any computer, electronic, or specialized video store.

There are many brands and models, however, to choose you will have to look at the RCA and S-Video ports of your VHS, in order to choose the adapter with the correct male or female jacks.

Step Two: Install the Analog-Digital Adapter Driver

Now we need the computer to recognize the device connected to its USB port. In this sense, it is necessary to install the analog-digital adapter driver. Generally, these types of devices have an installation disc, so you only have to insert it into the computer and follow the instructions of the installer.

If you do not have the disc in question, you can get any free software that allows video capture and editing. These types of programs have a base of drivers capable of recognizing both trademarks and generic adapters.

Step 3: Insert the VHS tape and run the application

Once the computer has recognized the connected device, we go on to insert the VHS tape into the player and run the application from where we will carry out the process.

When we are inside, we create a new project or file and select the conversion format which in this case is: DVD. Now we must prove that the communication is correct and that we can view the video from the VHS to the computer.

For this, it is only a matter of playing the tape and immediately a pop-up window will appear inside the computer with the video that we have inserted in the VHS player. If this is true, then we move on to the recording phase.

Step Four: activate the “record” option of the Software

Once the correct communication between both teams has been validated, we move on to the recording phase.

To start it, rewind the tape to the point where you want to start recording, activate the “Record” option of the software you are using, play the tape on the VHS and wait for it to finish.

It is important to activate the “record” option before playing because doing so after pressing play on the VHS will cause the program to stop recording the first few seconds of the video.

Step Five: Play the video in Digital Format

At the end of the video playback, the program will stop recording and we will immediately have our content in DVD format.

Now it is only a matter of playing the video from the same computer to verify that all the recording was successful.

In case you perceive details in the file such as audio failures or lack of synchronization between audio and image, you can press the options: interlace and audio visualization.

With the first we synchronize the image with the sound and with the second it is possible to measure how much delay or advance the audio needs.

By correcting all the details found, you can export the file to the video library on your computer.

Sixth step (optional): convert the DVD to another format

This step is optional since, if what you want is to have your videos in DVD format, the procedure goes up to the fifth step.

However, converting this DVD to formats like AVI or MP4 gives the file much more portability and versatility, allowing it to be played on many devices and taking up much less storage space.

Other options to convert VHS video to DVD

The previous procedure is the simplest and most accessible so that any user can transfer VHS video to DVD at home, with a few resources such as a computer and an analog-digital adapter. However, there are also other mechanisms to perform this task, such as the use of a dual VHS-DVD player.

These types of devices have a reader for VHS tapes and one for DVD, making the procedure exactly the same as the old processes of copying an audio cassette.

So, we only have to insert the tape to convert and the blank DVD disc where we will save the video, and then press the buttons: Play and Rec at the same time, thus starting playback from the VHS channel and recording on the DVD.

At the end of the reproduction, we will have the video in question recorded on the DVD disc that we previously inserted in the reader.

Converting VHS to DVD is an extremely useful practice for preserving old video files.

Considering that VHS tapes tend to deteriorate over time, converting them to digital format is the ideal option when it comes to lengthening the useful life of audiovisual content stored on magnetic tapes and minimizing the physical space they occupy.

The options to carry out this task are quite varied and it is possible to carry them out at home with simple elements such as an analogue-digital adapter and a computer or through more advanced equipment that streamlines the procedure such as the dual VHS-DVD player.

Also, if you do not have the resources or the time to bring your VHS video library into digital format, you can choose commercial services that do all the work for you.

This option is especially interesting if you do not have the equipment at home to perform the conversion, you have many tapes to convert or if you need a totally professional finish on your new DVDs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best VHS to the digital converter?

In my opinion, the Diamond Video Capture VC500 is the best VHS to digital converter.
You will get a fantastic result from this converter, and it also allows you to edit your files.

How can I convert VHS to digital at home?

For this, you will need a VCR, a USB converter, and a computer with a USB port.
First, you have to connect your VHS to your computer and then start recording with converter software.
After this, stop the recording, stop the cassette and then save your recording in the MP4 format.

How do I transfer VHS to USB?

The first thing you have to do is install the VHS converter software on your laptop or computer.
After this, connect the VHS video player to your laptop or computer with a converter cable.
Now open the software and start your recording; play VHS tape from where you want to start your recording.
After this, stop recording and then stop the VHS cassette. In the end, you have to save the converted video on your laptop or computer.

Is there a machine that converts VHS to DVD?

Yes, if you want to save some cash and put in a minimal amount of work, then the DVD recorder is the best option for you.

Who converts VHS to digital?

VHS to digital converter provides this opportunity; above, you can find the top 10 best VHS to digital converter, and you can buy one that fulfills your needs.

How many VHS tapes can fit on a DVD?

This thing depends on the DVDs length; at the time of recording setting, you have the opportunity to select the DVD to record for 1, 2, 3, or 4 hours.
You have to record the first VHS based on the length and DVD time settings; after this, record the next one.


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